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Some writers and their works revealed that they were pessimistic about the future religious morals and values of the society. By taking up their pens and writing different works poetry, novels, dramathe women displayed their rebellion.

This expansion brought about Enthusiasm, anxiety, doubt, uncertainty and discomfort. The gamekeeper was responsible for raising and protecting the game and taking the master and guests hunting and shooting. He killed the duchess because he felt her kind and easy going behavior was going to drag the name of his household of years to the mud.

The existing system of canals was inexpensive but was too slow and too limited in geography. The rich owned fancy coaches that had every accessory one could ever need for living on the road, and the poor would go about town on the cheap omnibuses that carried twenty people at a time.

The coachman maintained as well as drove the coach.

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Fruit - Apples, grapes, medlars, nuts, oranges, pears, crystallized preserves foreigndried fruits and raisins, plums French and Spanishprunes, figs, dates, filberts, walnuts, almonds and Brazil nuts. Another picture which is created by the novella is the working class hardships, in the novella this class is portrayed in the form of the Cratchit family.

The system was overbuilt and much too elaborate and expensive for the small amount of freight traffic it carried. The educational system was mediocre; the main universities outside Scotland were likewise mediocre.

By lowering transportation costs, they reduced costs for all industries moving supplies and finished goods, and they increased demand for the production of all the inputs needed for the railroad system itself. Reading the poem one seems to hear the brown thrasher on a twig of the wild-apple tree, pouring his heart out over the thicket which his mate has just chosen for a nesting place.

They would lash out at storefront windows as they drove by, leaving a trail of shattered glass behind them. While essayists and novelists were confronting social issues, poets on their own part were having mixed feelings.

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The heavy reliance on machinery and science during that point in history highly impacted the society. They could not hold most public offices, they had to pay local taxes to the Anglican church, be married by Anglican ministers, and be denied attendance at Oxford or degrees at Cambridge.

She advocates self — sacrifice for the good of others. Wealthy lords and ladies traveled to London in post-chaises or traveling chariots, the early aristocratic equivalent of the stagecoach. Not just taking up their pens alone, the subjects on which these women wrote on showed their rebellion and shook off their chains of bondage.

Rapid growth and prosperity meant that fewer women had to find paid employment, and even when the husband owned a shop or small business, the wife's participation was less necessary. With a minimum fare a shilling for two miles, many cabbies had trouble making enough money to pay the fee.

Yet political changes did not take place until after the First World War when the Act allowed women over 30 to vote. Religious and moral lessons for young children date well before the Victorians.

These materials, with wine, and the various catsups, combined in various proportions, are, with other ingredients, made into almost an endless variety of excellent soups and gravies.

He had a passion for private theatricals, and when he wrote a good story he was not satisfied till he had read it in public. The compulsory factor was finally abolished in by William Ewart Gladstoneand payment was made voluntary. The result of this project shows that the reign of Victoria and the entire Victorian age is the most progressive and prolific in the English History.

They also values what was decorative and like huge homes, heavy furniture, and lots of knickknacks. He saw literature as embodying the spiritual life of modern society and taking over the edifying and consoling functions of religion.

After this, Bazalgette designed the Thames Embankment which housed sewers, water pipes and the London Underground. Also, the reform and industrial revolution changed the way that people thought.

He was disheartened by the class of religion and science and wondered what nature was doing by offering strange evil ideas through science. Victorian literature In prosethe novel rose from a position of relative neglect during the s to become the leading literary genre by the end of the era.

Victorian era

In the late 19th century, the New Dissenters mostly switched to the Liberal Party. To be a physician was to be a gentleman, and anything that hinted of manual labor was not gentlemanly. Two major contributary factors were fertility rates and mortality rates.

In this novel he seems to rest a bit by writing an old-fashioned romance, with its hero and villain and moral ending. Railroads originated in England because industrialists had already discovered the need for inexpensive transportation to haul coal for the new steam engines, to supply parts to specialized factories, and to take products to market.

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Men wore top hats and women had long beautiful skirts and this really showed their wealth. Furnaces were operated without proper safety checks and safety costumes. Thomas Carlyle was a harsh critic that opposed utilitarianism and sympathized with the poor and attacked middle-class hypocrisy.

Luckily for women, by the 80's, the skirts were shortened up to just above the ground.

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Society and culture Evangelicals, Utilitarians and reform The central feature of Victorian era politics is the search for reform and improvement, including both the individual personality and the society.Free Essay: Parodies of Victorian Lifestyle in Adventures in Wonderland, Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found "It is no accident that the.

After watching the movie “Pride and Prejudice”, I can truly understand the life of a woman in the Victorian Era. The Victorian E. Essays Related to Victorian Social Classes. 1. Social Classes In Victorian Society, the poor were denied all opportunities to improve their position in life.

Social Classes Victorian society is very crucial in maintaining a prestigious social status. That is why the act of marriage between social classes tends to be the same.

/5(2). This essay uses A Conan Doyle interpretation of three cases in ‘the adventures of Sherlock Holmes’, to demonstrate how language, setting, characterisation and the role of the women reflects different aspects of Victorian society and life style.

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A Victorian Cycling Club Story Time for a vacation —step right up! When Felix's newspaper sends him up to Victoria, B.C. to report on a visiting circus Ken inevitably tags along, "like a. English Victorian Society. by Kelsey Freeman Trafton Academy English Dec. 13, The Victorian period, the years between and and named after the great Queen Victoria, was a .

Victorian society and life style essay
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